(album out 17 May 2019 through Bloodlines)

Disc 1

  1. Sunrise/Into The Bloodstream (Live)
  2. Hush Now Babies (feat. Emma Donovan) (Live)
  3. Old Mission Road (Live)
  4. Big Black Train (Live)
  5. Little By Little (Live)
  6. Dancing Shoes (feat. Dan Sultan) (Live)
  7. Heal The People (Live)
  8. I’m On Your Side (feat. Vika & Linda Bull) (Live)
  9. Mulyawongk (Live)
  10. We Won’t Cry (feat. Paul Kelly) (Live)
  11. Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow (Live)
  12. Top Of The Hill (Live)
  13. Song To Sing (Live)
  14. We Won’t Cry (feat. Jack Charles) (Live)

Disc 2

  1. Let Love Rule (feat. Jessica Hitchcock with Dunghala Childrens Choir)
  2. Get Back To The Land (Live)
  3. There’s A Little Child (Live)
  4. Please Don’t Give Up On Me (Live)
  5. Love Sweet Love (feat. Emma Donovan) (Live)
  6. Spiritual Love (Live)
  7. Always Be Here (Live)
  8. It’s Not Too Late (Live)
  9. Mighty Clarence River (feat. Emma Donovan) (Live)
  10. No More Bleeding (feat. Jessica Hitchcock with Dunghala Childrens Choir & Short Black Opera) (Live)

Disc 3

  1. Dancing With My Spirit (feat. Tiddas) (Live)
  2. My Grandmother (feat. Tiddas) (Live)
  3. The River Song (feat. Tiddas) (Live)
  4. A Child Was Born Here (feat. Tiddas) (Live)
  5. Morning Star (feat. Amy Saunders & Tiddas) (Live)
  6. F Troop (Live)
  7. Louis St John (Live)
  8. Ever Watching (feat. Tiddas) (Live)
  9. Heal The People (feat. Tiddas) (Live)
  10. Come Into My Kitchen (Live)
  11. Anthem (Live)
  12. Wild Mountain Thyme (Live)
  13. Dancing Shoes (feat. Tiddas) (Live)

In November 2012, Archie Roach walked on stage at the Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne, for the Australasian World Music Expo. And so began his extraordinary return to the concert stage. With a thirteen-piece band and ten-voice gospel choir, Archie launched Into The Bloodstream, his first album of new music in five years. In the two years preceding the release, the singer faced unimaginable challenges, including a stroke, lung cancer and the loss of his partner in life and in music, the inimitable Ruby Hunter. Hailed by many thereafter as a rebirth, Into The Bloodstream was acclaimed as his strongest in years.

On disc one of The Concert Collection, we hear live recordings from both the aforementioned performance at Arts Centre Melbourne in November, and from the State Theatre in January 2013 for Sydney Festival. It features some extraordinary guest vocalists in Paul Kelly, Emma Donovan, Dan Sultan, Vika & Linda, Radical Son (David Leha), and Uncle Jack Charles. Archie is accompanied by a ten-voice core gospel Into The Bloodstream choir, led by Lou Bennett, and is joined by community choirs from both cities for the final two songs.

In 2016 Archie made another triumphant record with a title that resonated everywhere – Let Love Rule. Written entirely around the concept of love and “a willingness to live all people”, Archie’s generosity of spirit and equanimity were on full display.

The Let Love Rule concert was first performed live in October 2016 at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Featuring the sublime voices of the Dhungala Children’s Choir and Short Black Opera, the concert had audiences mesmerised.

Come May 2018, the beloved and award-winning Australian trio Tiddas reformed especially to honour the unearthing of Archie’s new album, Dancing With My Spirit. The album showcased Tiddas’ and Archie’s sublime voices, as Archie explored his spirituality.

The Dancing With My Spirit concert, recorded at Hamer Hall in Melbourne, truly captures the unique vocal blend of Archie and the three gifted women of Tiddas, creating a harmonious magic that’s both rare and precious in equal measures.

Throughout Archie’s journey, his concerts have grown in both reach and stature, as the power of his voice, and the magnitude of his message, affects his audience more than ever. He is a visionary, a social justice advocate, and one of the world’s most accomplished and celebrated performers.

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