Baby Animals - Greatest Hits - Cover Art

(album out now through Bloodlines)

1. Early Warning
2. Rush You
3. Painless
4. One Word
5. Working For The Enemy
6. Break My Heart
7. Ain’t Gonna Get
8. Impossible To Fly
9. Don’t Tell Me What To Do
10. At The End Of The Day
11. Lights Out At Eleven
12. Backbone
13. Email
14. Stitch
15. Invisible Dreamer
16. Got It Bad
17. Tonight
18. How Do I Make You
19. The Long Goodbye
20. Satellite

They came blazing out of the radio with the aptly titled ‘Early Warning’. “Too young to know,” Suze DeMarchi sang, “Too old to listen.”

Now, nearly three decades later, Baby Animals are all grown-up and releasing their first best-of collection. Called simply Greatest Hits, the album features 20 songs, including the smash hits ‘Early Warning’, ‘Rush You’, ‘Painless’ and ‘One Word’.

“It’s a little weird listening to all these songs together,” Suze admits. “As a band, we’ve always been about looking to the future. We just feel really fortunate that we’re still making music.”

Greatest Hits gathers songs from the four Baby Animals albums: 1991’s self-titled set, 1993’s Shaved And Dangerous, 2008’s acoustic album Il Grande Silenzio, and 2013’s This Is Not The End.

The album also features three new recordings – ‘Tonight’, which was released as a single in early 2018; ‘The Long Goodbye’; and a sizzling version of Linda Ronstadt’s ‘How Do I Make You’.

“I was a big Linda Ronstadt fan growing up,” Suze says, “and this is such a great song for us to do. We punk it up a little bit, and it’s a lot of fun to play live.”

Baby Animals have been one of Australia’s biggest bands since they burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut. The band was touring with Van Halen in the US when they heard the album had topped the charts. Baby Animals spent six weeks at number one in Australia, keeping Nirvana’s Nevermind out of top spot.

Baby Animals went eight times platinum and won three ARIA Awards for Best Album, Best Debut Album and Best Debut Single. It was also declared one of the Top 25 albums of 1992 in UK rock bible Kerrang!, and Baby Animals performed ‘Painless’ on Late Night With David Letterman.

Baby Animals was later featured in The 100 Best Australian Albums, with the book explaining:

‘Baby Animals exploded on the Australian music scene with a bracing fusion of heavy metal bravura, a touch of glam dynamics and a look and a swagger.’

Fierce and uncompromising – the first single from the band’s second album was called ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’ – Suze DeMarchi was also featured in the book Rock Chicks, The Hottest Female Rockers from the 1960s to Now.

‘Baby Animals was like a breath of fresh air,’ the book stated, ‘a hard-rocking band fronted by a guitar-wielding, tattooed temptress who could rock with the best of them.’

Guitarist Dave Leslie remains in awe of Suze’s vocal prowess.

“I’ve never heard her hit a bad note,” he says. “And there’s only one person on this earth who sounds like that – and that’s Suze.”

“I’m really grateful that we’re still making music together,” Suze adds. “Dave is like a brother. I always said that Baby Animals was the only band for me, and it really has been the only band for me.

“Baby Animals has saved my life in so many ways. It’s given me so much joy, and I love being in a group. I think groups are really important for people. No matter what you do, it’s important to have a little team of family and friends, and Baby Animals is my group.”

It’s a sentiment shared by thousands of fans. The songs on this Greatest Hits collection have provided the soundtrack to many lives.

One of the new songs is called ‘The Long Goodbye’. But don’t read anything into the title. As their last studio album noted, This Is Not The End. Baby Animals are itching to go on the road for a Greatest Hits tour – and then make more new music.

Before that, they have The Red Hot Summer Tour in February and March, alongside another one of Suze’s childhood idols, Suzi Quatro.

“There’s so much more that we want to do,” Suze smiles.

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