(out 23 June 2017 through Liberator Music/RAM Records/BMG)


1.       Broken Pieces (feat. Nihils)
2.       Ember
3.       Slow Down (feat. ROBB)
4.       If I Could (feat. Joe Killington)
5.       Witchdoctor
6.       Good Times Bad Times
7.       Heat Of The Moment
8.       Honesty
9.       Tagtraum
10.   Dissolve Me (feat. klei)
11.   Mandala (feat. Mefjus)
12.   Last Of The Tribe
13.   Passion
14.   The Sloth
15.   Black Or White (feat. Tasha Baxter)
16.   Come Together
17.   Like I Do (feat. James Hersey)

The Camo & Krooked takeover continues to permeate every corner of the electronic music landscape as they take their unique sound to uncharted pastures. After two successful singles, one high profile remix of Noisia, one Essential Mix, and a non-stop world tour into 2017, the Austrian producer A-listers now present the most critical release of their career.

After three long years of the deepest studio craft they’ve ever committed to, on June 23 Camo (Reini) & Krooked (Markus) will unveil their most startling, detailed and singular body of work yet – Mosaik.

Their fourth album since emerging in 2007, Mosaik is a pivotal release that elevates Camo & Krooked’s creative credentials, vision, and technique to brave new levels. The result of years of studio hibernation, studying vintage analogue instruments, honing their instantly distinctive signature songwriting skills, and in Markus’ case, even finding their own singing voice, Mosaik galvanises the duo’s position as one of the most exciting, unique, innovative, and in-demand acts in electronic music.

This career-defining chapter of their ever-evolving journey began in November 2016 with the critically-acclaimed two-track release ‘If I Could / Ember’. Released on their own Mosaik Musik imprint, these were the first fresh sounds from the duo since 2013, and were heralded as instant classics. Carefully and cleverly balancing the signature sound the duo have gradually crafted since day one with hints that they’d evolved once again, the release lit the fuse for an explosive wave of milestones and moments that still rumble to this day.

Sparks began flying in February with the release of their iced-soul remix of Noisia’s remarkable ‘The Entangled’. Then came another teaser for Mosaik – the dusty sunset soul of ‘Good Times Bad Times’ and the delicate, dreamy soft focus stepper ‘Honesty’, which Markus/Krooked sings himself.

These releases were backed up by an impeccable, detail-rich Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 and a non-stop run of headline dates throughout the year, on top of appearances at Let It Roll and Tomorrowland, as well as their very own two-day festival Nuforms.

It is clear that even now, after 10 years, four albums, and more than 50 singles, Reini and Markus are only just beginning to embrace the scale of what can be achieved in the vast electronic playground. A decade of snapshots of broken pieces has set the foundations, each one hinting of their capabilities, and now a macroscopic view falls into place, revealing something much more beautiful: Mosaik.

A picture that will take as many listens to appreciate every nuance and detail as it took them hours to make, Mosaik deserves opus classification. Every listen reveals more elements, instruments, and dots to join. Orchestral tension, loose-limbed jazz, cosmic techno, and delicate provocative electronic all provide strong shades in Mosaik’s spellbinding collage.

The canvas is drum & bass. But within this framework are fusions, motifs, and ideas that are much harder, if not impossible, to succinctly file. From the universal shamanic cinematics of ‘Witchdoctor’, to the sincere and heart-melting ‘Honesty’, and their titan-collision with Austrian kindred spirit Mefjus on ‘Mandala’, this is a broad, bold body of work that’s dynamically built around real songs that hit you in the loins, arrest your senses, and make every hair stand on end. The daring theatre of ‘Black Or White’ with Tasha Baxta, the dusky glow of ‘If I Could’ with Joe Killington, the roomy space soul of ‘Broken Pieces’ with NIHILS, and the impassioned end-of-night showstopper ‘Like I Do’ with James Hersey are just some of the examples of the real songs drum & bass is capable of amid the 17 track odyssey. It’s a trip that’s composed and considered with such a flow, consistency and energy it all feels like one seamless story.

No matter how far and wide Camo & Krooked develop their ideas, compositions and studio technique, they remain grounded in their drum & bass roots and have never alienated or confused their loyal fanbase as they’ve embraced other tempos, textures and terrains. Their fanbase has grown with them as they’ve risen through the ranks of one of electronic music’s most competitive and technically profound genres.

Drum & bass is a scene that’s obsessed with rapid technological innovation, pushing sonic limits and exploring uncharted sounds. Yet in all the pace, speed and urgency, Camo & Krooked have made time stand still. Spending three years creating an album so every broken piece of the picture complements each other beyond the sum of their parts, they’ve ignored the genre’s ubiquitous louder-harder-faster-sharper mantra, stood back, and created something that stands alone. Its own world, its own time, its own picture.

Mosaik is indeed the most critical release of Camo & Krooked’s career so far. But as the dust settles and they set their sights on even further uncharted pastures, you already know that the next 10 years of their journey will be even bigger.

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