(out 7 July 2017 through Liberator Music)

1.       Wash Away
2.       Space Invaders
3.       Blow
4.       Farewell (feat. Kelis)
5.       So
6.       Headphones
7.       We Drift On (feat. Imogen Heap)
8.       Ur The 1
9.       Plastic Heart
10.   Polar Bears
11.   Ballad of Player 1up
12.   Zoo

Wonky-pop musician and producer Dan Black will release Do Not Revenge, his first official full length since the 2009 release of ((Un)), on 7 July 2017.

Black has taken a unique approach to the release of Do Not Revenge. “I tried to think of the album as this complete thing,” Black says. “For me it is important to write that way. If I get too focused on one song, I can get sucked into a need for perfection. Thinking bigger is more freeing – maybe in all things actually – not just music.” In what he calls “12 Songs, 12 Experiences,” Black will provide listeners with the opportunity to be submerged in the songs on the album through a number of creatively distinct experiences.

Four of the 12 experiences, ‘Headphones’, ‘Blow ft. Fans’, ‘So’ and ‘Farewell’ have already launched on Black’s cryptic webpage, where seconds have begun counting down progressively to the moment when each allotted block fills with a cut from the new album. With 8 reveals remaining, between now and the time that the final experience, ‘We Drift On ft. Imogen Heap’ launches, listeners will be able to discover tracks from the album through different digital Do Not Revenge related events, such as: a 24 hour live streaming performance, a 100 cameras film experience, a playable video game, straight-up music videos + more.

DO NOT REVENGE IS OUT 7 JULY 2017 | Facebook: danblacksound
Twitter: @danblacksound | Instagram: @danblacksound