Gavin James - Only Ticket Home - Album Art

(album out 26 October 2018 through Liberator Music)

1. Start Again
2. Glow
3. Always
4. Faces
5. Hearts On Fire
6. Cigarette Break
7. The Middle
8. Strangers
9. Easy
10. Tired
11. Only Ticket Home
12. Put You Back Together
13. Hard To Do
14. Last Year (Live)

It’s been just under three years since Dublin singer-songwriter Gavin James released his debut album Bitter Pill. These past years have been non-stop for Gavin with tours across the globe, including his own sold out headline arena tour to an audience of 15,000, plus supporting Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith along the way.

Gavin’s total streams are rapidly heading toward the one billion mark and rising, making him one of the most successful streamed acts in the world. His breakout hit single ‘Nervous’, from his platinum selling debut album Bitter Pill, has to-date achieved over 200 million streams on Spotify and has been certified multi-platinum in several international markets. Despite his busy schedule, Gavin set aside time to loan his heart-warming vocals to Bliss N Eso’s single ‘Moments’, which went on to win an ARIA Award. Most recently, Gavin collaborated with Alan Walker for the single ‘Tired’, which reached platinum sales around the world.

One of the most genuine and humble artists in music, Gavin is looking forward to the release of his forthcoming sophomore album Only Ticket Home, out 26 October. From Only Ticket Home, the single ‘Always’ has already reached over 20 million streams to date.

“I’m so happy to release Only Ticket Home to the world. I have been on the road constantly since the release of Bitter Pill and this new collection of songs are about the whole process of being away from home and the people you love. It’s also about how amazing it was to be on tour and travel around the world for the last three years.

“The album was produced by my buddy Ollie Green, who also co-wrote a lot of the tunes on the album with me. Once ‘Always’ was written, the songs came very quickly. Everything took shape once that song was finished, and we knew exactly what the sound was going to be for the record.

“The record as a whole is very far away from Bitter Pill. I really wanted to step away from the world of ballads with this album, so it’s mostly fairly upbeat. It’s very much a record of happy sad songs.”

Gavin’s popularity is a reward for such a talented and tireless musician. The son of Dublin’s best-known postman – “I’m not kidding, everyone in the city knows my dad” – and a child-minding mum, Gavin grew up surrounded by music, not all of it to his taste. His dad played him Cat Stevens, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan and Van Halen, and his decade older brother, with whom he shared a room, relentlessly play rave music.

Gavin’s great grandparents were opera singers and his granddad a stand-up comedian. Performing clearly in his blood, Gavin took up guitar at thirteen, learning Led Zeppelin covers and forming a three-piece rock band (with no bassist) who played gigs in skate parks. By fourteen, Gavin was writing his own rock songs, which he then stripped down to play on acoustic guitar with a mate. While still at school, the pair began getting paid gigs in pubs. Eventually though, the pair went their separate ways and for four years Gavin gigged non-stop solo, at the end of which 600 punters were turning up each weekend to howl his songs back to him.

“It was an insane time, and fantastic practice,” Gavin says. “It taught me how to use my voice properly, and perform for tough crowds. Folk crowds were rowdy, crazy and drunk – they’d run on stage and grab the mic. I started going into the audience with my guitar to get them to stop. If I wasn’t such a big guy, I wouldn’t have dared!”

Gavin increased his focus on songwriting and performing live, and was rewarded for his efforts in 2013, aged 21, when his independently released single ‘Say Hello’ won the Meteor Choice Award for Song Of The Year. Now Gavin James is gearing up for the release of Only Ticket Home, and the new single ‘Glow’.

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