(out 27 October 2017 through Liberator Music/S-Curve/BMG)

  1. Finally It’s Christmas
  2. Wonderful Christmas Time
  3. Rudolph Bridge
  4. ‘Til New Years Night
  5. Please Come Home For Christmas
  6. Someday At Christmas
  7. Joy To The Mountain
  8. Chorus Jingles
  9. Happy Christmas
  10. All I Want For Christmas
  11. Winter Wonderland
  12. Blue Christmas
  13. Peace On Earth
  14. A Merry Little Christmas

In 2017 the trio of brothers who make up pop-rock trio Hanson are celebrating 25 years of playing music together, selling over 16 million albums, scoring multiple Grammy nominations and reaching fans from Tulsa to Tokyo while touring the world behind their six studio albums. Doing anything for a quarter of a century is rare, even more so when you include global fame at a young age, years of touring, writing and recording, founding an independent label, and balancing brotherhood and business. Maintaining the group’s fervour for what’s ahead, which has defined their success thus far, in their 25th year together Hanson are still only looking bad long enough to be inspired for their future.

To celebrate this landmark year, Hanson launched a robust anniversary celebration with their Middle Of Everywhere 25th Anniversary World Tour, seeing the band play to sold out crowds in Australia, Europe, Latin America, the United States and Canada.

Completing their 25th anniversary celebration, Hanson are concluding 2017 with the long-awaited Christmas album Finally It’s Christmas, a follow up to their first beloved 1997 Christmas release Snowed In. Finally It’s Christmas features four original tracks and eight updated classics. The album reunites the band with S-Curve President Steve Greenberg who originally signed Hanson to Mercury Records in 1996, as well as co-producer and writing partner Mark Hudson (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osborne, Ringo Starr) who also collaborated on Snowed In. Adding to the production pedigree of the release are engineer and mixer CJ Eiriksson (Jacks Mannequin, U2), and Tom Lord-Alge (U2, Rolling Stones) mixing the title track and select others.

In contract with the sentimentality of many Christmas releases, Hanson bring an organic rock ‘n’ roll energy to the album, featuring iconic favourites like Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Christmas’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Someday At Christmas’ and Aretha Franklin’s ‘Winter Wonderland’, along with a reimagined arrangement of Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ and lively renditions of modern classics like Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’. The album’s original songs, like the title track and ‘’Til New Years Night’ burst with celebratory energy and layered vocal arrangements calling to mind the Beach Boys and British invasion-era guitar riffs. Finally It’s Christmas is not without sentimentality, closing out with an intimate rendition of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’, with guitarist Isaac singing lead, and a soulful gospel melody of two well-known songs from the Christmas Hymnal, ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ and ‘Joy To The World’.

Like Hanson’s signature work on their studio albums, on Finally It’s Christmas they effortlessly fuse soulful melody with tight musical arrangements and a genuine reverence for their musical heritage, creating an endearing and impressive work fit for the intimacy of your living room, or the excitement of a large celebration with friends and family.

Founded in 1992 at ages 11, nine and six, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac spent their first five years building a fanbase as an independent band in Tulsa, performing both classic rock ‘n’ roll and soul music and their own original material, to form their own unique blend of harmony-driven, soulful pop-rock. This unlikely focus was forged by an early introduction to music from the 1950’s and early 60’s, with the young brothers citing influences from Aretha Franklin to Otis Redding, The Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. These influences formed the bedrock of their musical inspiration, helping to forge their signature sound which incorporated strong melodies and song craft, as well as reverence for their musical forefathers.

After five years and two independent albums, Hanson released their major label debut in 1997, and saw a meteoric rise with the international smash single ‘Mmmbop’ from the album Middle Of Nowhere, which garnered multiple Grammy nominations and five consecutive top 40 singles, including ‘Where’s The Love’, ‘I Will Come To You’ and ‘Weird’. Continuing the momentum with their critically acclaimed sophomore release This Time Around, more hit singles and extensive touring deepened the band’s connection with their fans, and helped to cement their place as one of the world’s leading artists.

After a record label merger nearly derailed the release of their second album, in 2003 Hanson decided to found their own independent label, 3CG Records. The decision to form the label was ahead of its time with few high level mainstream artists choosing to self-release, but with the new label the band was able to establish stability in a very turbulent music business, starting a new era for themselves. Their first independent release, Underneath in 2004, was a #1 Billboard Independent Album, and helped establish Hanson as one of the most successful independent bands to date. Since then Hanson has released 3 more studio albums, The Walk, Shout It Out, and ANTHEM, as well as an ongoing stream of special products and live albums through their label, and toured the world, continuing to focus on cultivating a vibrant global fanbase. Hanson have sold over 16 million albums to date.

FINALLY IT’S CHRISTMAS IS OUT 27 OCTOBER 2017 | | Twitter @hansonmusic