(out 25 May 2018 through Ivy League Records)

1. Sure
2. Sleep
3. Sugar & Spice
4. Try
5. Bad Guy

Harriette Pilbeam, the artist behind Hatchie, tells us about Sugar & Spice:

“After writing music that never felt cohesive or special enough to warrant its own venture, ‘Try’ marked a shift in my writing style I wasn’t expecting. I wrote it in early 2015, followed quickly by ‘Sleep’ and ‘Sugar & Spice’. They were written more for myself than for a specific project, in an effort to explore feelings of vulnerability and ecstasy I had previously suppressed. I wanted these songs to sound lush, sparkly and recreate euphoric feelings I experienced falling in love for the first time. I reworked my demos with Joe Agius, whose production and writing additions achieved the perfect sound I was searching for, giving me confidence to start taking the songs more seriously and continue writing.

“I wrote ‘Bad Guy’ when I acquired an antique organ and had a lot of time to myself. It started out as a really small song that I wasn’t planning on ever releasing, but it flourished into something much more when I came back to it a year later. I wrote ‘Sure’ more recently, again unplanned and not expecting anything to come of it. These two tracks balance the elation of the other tracks with the more testing and heartbreaking elements of love – which is why I chose to call the EP Sugar & Spice. They explore feelings of helplessness and uncertainty when relationships begin to feel like they’re unravelling.

“When I write I often choose one moment or feeling I’ve experienced and look at it under a microscope to take it to its maximum level of emotion. With ‘Bad Guy’ I started with a few lines I’d written in my diary and fleshed it out to create a new world of thoughts and feelings I hadn’t actually gone through myself, but that the new characters I created for the song were going through. ‘Sure’ was written in a similar fashion – it’s a representation of relationships I’ve watched other people struggle through, rather than being lyrically true to my own experiences.

“The songs on Sugar & Spice were all written without much thought or pressure from myself or anyone else, allowing me to lay my feelings out like I’ve never done before. Joe & producer John Castle helped shape the sound you can hear in each track, bringing life to each song in its own special way. This release marks a turning point in not only my writing style, but also my growth as a young adult who acknowledges feelings of vulnerability as strength.”

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