Late Stage Capitalism

Singer-songwriter jeremy messersmith has announced his new album, Late Stage Capitalism, out Friday March 9 via Liberator Music/Glassnote Records.  

Speaking of the lead single, messersmith said:

“’Purple Hearts’ is a song about two people on opposite sides of a cultural divide, who are experiencing the loneliness and disconnection of modern society in the form of the worst first date of all time. For a pop tune, that concept is a giant bummer. So I went full Bacharach to lift the lyrics above the dread, and coated the song with a generous layer of 1960s orchestral schmaltz, which I find irresistibly euphoric. So much so that I even dusted off my trumpet from middle school to take a solo during the instrumental break.”

Born in Charleston, SC and raised in rural Washington, singer-songwriter jeremy messersmith began playing music in church at a young age, and like many homeschoolers, counts Sandi Patti, Carman, DC Talk and Michael W. Smith amongst his earliest musical influences. After a promising trumpeting career was tragically cut short due to braces, jeremy turned to the guitar as his instrument of choice and eventually relocated to Minneapolis to study music. A thoughtful, clever lyricist with a tender voice, jeremy crafts songs that are catchy and relatable, and span the emotional gamut from poignancy to whimsy.

Late Stage Capitalism tracklisting:

1. Purple Hearts
2. Monday
3. All The Cool Girls
4. Postmodern Girl
5. Happy
6. Don’t Call It Love
7. Fast Times In Minnesota
8. Jim Bakker
9. Fireflower
10. Once You Get To Know Us
11. No Superheroes |
Twitter: @jmessersmith | Instagram: @jeremymessersmith