A1. Angophora – Settled
A2. Rings Around Saturn – Abarth
A3. Jace XL – Really Want That
B1. Chord Memory Band – Reachin’ Out
B2. Love Deluxe – Ivan’s Hymn
B3. Sui Zhen – No More Words

C1. Manuel Darquart – Dream Sequence
C2. Ben Houghton – Don’t Worry
C3. James IV – Freda’s Jam
D1. Adonidia – Intermission Theme
D2. River Yarra + Tom Baker – Babylonia
D3. Nite Fleit – Al Bebe

To be revealed in January 2018

Hold onto your high-hats, there’s a new power couple in town.

CC:DISCO! has partnered with underground label Soothsayer to curate Volume One of a new collaborative project titled Soothsayer Presents First Light: Compiled By CC:DISCO!

The fast-ascending Victorian DJ has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the last 12 months to be the name on everyone’s lips, the spinner moving everyone’s hips.

Australia’s laconic selector of good times CC:DISCO! has procured exclusive tracks from emerging and undiscovered artists across boogie, Balearic, funk, disco and house. Her mission statement? “Less chin stroking, more dancing.” It doesn’t really roll off the tongue but that’s not the point. It captures what CC:DISCO! is all about: the dancefloor.

That line cross fades into why CC:DISCO! has come up in the last year. She knows how to work a DF, playing a life-altering set at Meredith Festival (where she brought her farmer dad out at 4.30am to show him around her office), knocked it out of the park closing Pitch Music and Arts Festival, tore it up at Dimensions Festival and was asked to do a mix for Resident Advisor RA583. Everywhere she goes, she slays them in the aisles. If your line-up lacks CC then it lacks a certain joie de vivre. Naturally, the kid from Cobram worked very hard to get to this point.

CC:DISCO! built her name at Melbourne’s malleable Daydreams party and Boney on a weekly basis while word continued to spread. Boney was pivotal too. “The 4-7am slot upstairs was my favourite set to play at Lost Weekend at Boney, it was such a great club night and working with Jamie Bennett and Myles Mac taught me so much. Good music, best crowds, No bullshit,”  she says. No BS is perhaps her second motto.

“Playing 4-7am is where I got to learn the art of club DJing It’s the most challenging time to keep people’s attention. I’d stay sober or have lots of espresso martinis. Every single week I learned more and more. It’s how I learnt to not be afraid to jump from genres,” she says, not boasting, just telling it how it is. CC doesn’t play 4/4 all night — it’s physically impossible. “I personally can’t do it. I don’t wanna hear the same thing for too long.”

Soothsayer knew they were onto a good thing when she played their parties and an easy family dynamic developed.

“Courtney was a natural choice for us to curate our debut First Light compilation,” says Soothsayer’s label manager, Blaise Sherrie. “She’s all about carefree good times and we completely trust her selections,” adds A&R Manager Chris Rigney. Just as Cut Copy’s Oceans Apart mix took a pulse check of 2014, now the new matriarch of Australian clubbing is here to tell us what’s up in 2018.

The title First Light is very much up to the listener’s interpretation. It throws a strobe on burgeoning acts. It also soundtracks emerging from an early morning set on the right side of 7am, sunnies on face, kick-ons in place, white treble, black bass. Mostly it’s about the fresh feeling of a CC:DISCO! set. It’s simply impossible to have a bad time when CC is behind the 1s and 2s giving that toothy smile.

Her Sunday morning Meredith Music Festival set in 2016 has become the stuff of folklore. She started off with Tears for Fears’ ‘Listen’, went into jazzy al fresco disco with a blend of funky house, moved into more rugged territory with Leftfield’s ‘Open Up’, River Yarra + Tom Baker’s ‘Babyalonia’ (featured on First Light) and finished with The Church’s ‘Under The Milky Way’. Then she showed that you can take the girl out of the farm, but that girl will bring her farmer dad up on stage.

“Meredith is still all I can think about,” she says, slightly giddy, still chill as a cucumber sitting in a mojito. “I was so nervous, I used to play in my bedroom on the farm, pretending I was playing a festival. Meredith was my ultimate dream.”

She ticked that bucket list moment off, then played Sugar Mountain’s hallowed Boiler Room set a month later. CC wore a crisp t-shirt emblazoned with her rug-cutting commandment and tried new tunes out, never content to play it safe, rolling out muscular, crepuscular tracks. Far from being intimidated by the cameras, CC excelled in front of a live global audience and the revellers throwing shapes in the round. Everyone was full of local pride for their girl who done good.

From there, Europe beckoned. She left molten rubble behind.“Turkey was amazing. Like Daydreams on Steroids. The song of the night was ‘Treaty’ by Yothu Yindi. I was with friends saying to them, ‘Should I play it? I’m gonna play it.’ It started and the Turkish crowd were screaming and yelling and banging the tables,” she says with a freckle faced grin. “The majority knew Savage Garden. They were all serenading me after the set and singing their hits to me.”

CC has also nailed a guest spots for NTS, Red Light Radio, triple j and Dublab and continues hosting her Friday evening show on PBS FM; Smoke and Mirrors. She has her own Club Coco party which shirks the b-word (brand, eww) in favour of vibe. And nothing will stop her spinning. “I got out of hospital one day and I DJed that night. I felt like I was dying. I was sick as a dog. Then as soon as I started…” she trails off wistfully.

Soothsayer chose CC:DISCO! because of that rifle-focus commitment. And now she is part of the family. They want us to dive into her way of thinking.

Soothsayer Presents First Light: Volume One Compiled By CC:Disco! album out February 2018 through Soothsayer. | Facebook: | Twitter @CC_DISCO