(100s + 1000s)

TAPZ delivers his debut EP ‘Beautiful Nightmare’, a collection of singles from the New Zealand-via Zimbabwe artist who is captivating fans and industry alike with his entrancing brand of forward-thinking noir’n’b.

TAPZ’s feature on Hermitude’s colossal 2015 crossover hit ‘The Buzz’ was swiftly followed by his debut solo single ‘Killa’ which currently sits on close to two million plays on Spotify. In March this year, TAPZ released ‘Run Don’t Run’. A crunching, sinister production laced by TAPZ’s uncompromising energy coarses throughout the track, with a stunning visual accompaniment that set an extremely high bar for the genre-defying multi-disciplinary emerging artist.

TAPZ is currently based in New Zealand, where he moved after leaving his birthplace of Zimbabwe at age eight. According to TAPZ, growing up in post-colonial Wedza, a rural district of Zimbabwe, was a “beautiful nightmare”. “I don’t remember sitting down playing video games because there was so much to do,” explains TAPZ. There wasn’t much access to music, either. On rare occasions, his family would gather around TV to see Michael Jackson, “He was like a super hero to me!” he exclaims.

His parents moved his family from Zimbabwe when TAPZ was 10 years old because the political climate became too dangerous. “They left everything to give me everything. ‘Run Don’t Run’ is a note to self; a reminder. In the context of my vision, I must leave everything to give everything. The video is a visual representation of my journey to find fearlessness in a system where we are taught to run and to act without question.”

‘Murder Murder’ was the next cab off the rank. Crafted in his bedroom in the depths of winter, ‘Murder Murder’ was born from misunderstandings. TAPZ recalls feeling passion, aggression and love as he wrote the track, “I remember seeing my breath as I recorded the chorus at 6am, which went to paint the atmosphere of the cold synth driven murderous sound the song embraces”. TAPZ then took the song to New York, finishing the track with Joe Pascoe (Ny Wyld).

As a child in Musha, a small village in Zimbabwe where is grandparents grew up, TAPZ was warned not to play with the fires being lit to prepare food. Enticed by its beauty, the young creative was fascinated by the flames “it’s strength, it’s pain, fire is kind of like me, we relate. This EP is a sonic journey to finding balance, and I always felt the flames represented the balance between pain and strength.” It’s a key visual representation throughout Beautiful Nightmare. “I can’t touch it, otherwise I’ll burn, I can’t banish it, otherwise I’ll freeze. I have this war in my heart, and the only way I’ve been able to document what’s inside me is through art.”

Didn’t Know’ is the latest offering from the Beautiful Nightmare EP. Written when he was on tour in Sydney, TAPZ describes that track as a moment where he was emotionally lost in the dark, trying to find his way back home. “Didn’t Know documents how loving someone or something so much has this intense power to give you everything and take it all away in the same breath. It’s a continuous cycle of madness.”

The pedigree of TAPZ’s management team should provide some insight into how far the young man is predicted to go – a collaborative arrangement between Winterman & Goldstein (Empire of the Sun, The Avalanches), G.O.O.D. Management (Kayne’s management label, headed up by Grammy Award Winning producer Che Pope), and Control Music Group (Phoenix, Hudson Mohawke).

With widespread support both locally and internationally under his belt, the buzz is loud for TAPZ. Having already brought his electrifying energy to the same stage as heavy-hitters like A$AP Ferg, Jeremih, Tinie Tempah, Hermitude, G-Eazy and Danny Brown and BANKS, his meteoric trajectory continues with a string of headline shows announced for November.