Out August 4, 2017 through Liberation Music


“They went on to become one of the bands that changed Australian music for ever” – Jimmy Barnes

This is it, folks, over the top!

It’s a hell of a story. And now it’s all on one massive album – Brothers, Angels & Demons.

This is a must-have for Angels fans, a collection of favourites and rarities, with nearly 50 years of music, starting with the Moonshine Jug & String Band, and also featuring choice cuts from The Angels’ chart-topping years with Doc Neeson, gems from the BrewsterBrothers repertoire, plus some cracking tracks from the recent line-up of The Angels, with Dave Gleeson on vocals and John Brewster’s son, Sam, on bass.

“We’ve survived all these years and gone on to make new music – something we can be proud of,” John Brewster says.

Brothers, Angels & Demons coincides with the publication of the first Angels book, The Angels (through Penguin Random House), written by Bob Yates with Rick and John Brewster, featuring a foreword by award-winning author Jimmy Barnes. Barnesy recalls the early days in Adelaide when Cold Chisel did gigs with the band then known as the Keystone Angels. He saw them become one of the greatest Australian bands of all time.

“Powerful, aggressive and joyous,” Jimmy writes. “If you wanted to show an example of great Australian pub rock then The Angels were it.”

Brothers, Angels & Demons, a 36-song collection, was curated by John and Rick Brewster, the backbone of the band.

The album concludes with the last songs recorded by the classic Brewster/Neeson/Brewster/Bailey/Bidstrup line-up, at the “Symphony of Angels” show in Adelaide in 2010. “A great legacy,” John states proudly. And a fitting tribute to the Angels who are no longer with us – Doc Neeson and Chris Bailey.

“It’s been an amazing journey,” John says. “A story of family, lots of good times and some bad … Brothers, Angels & Demons.”


  1. Whitewash Station (Moonshine String and Jug band)
  2. Save Me Some (Moonshine String and Jug band)
  3. My Gal (Moonshine String and Jug band)
  4. If You’re A Viper (Moonshine String and Jug band)
  5. Do It Again (Brewster Bros)
  6. She (Brewster Bros)
  7. Lives Of Grace (Brewster Bros)
  8. Shadows Fall (Brewster Bros)
  9. Passing Through (Brewster Bros)
  10. Engine of The World (Brewster Bros)
  11. Waiting For The Sun (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)
  12. Wounded Healer (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)
  13. There Comes A Time (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)
  14. Talk The Talk (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)
  15. I Come In Peace (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)
  16. Call That Living (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)
  17. Can’t Shake It (The Angels with Dave Gleeson)



  1. Night Comes Early (The Angels)
  2. Alexander (The Angels)
  3. I’m Scared (The Angels)
  4. Back On You (The Angels)
  5. Into The Heat (The Angels)
  6. Shoot It Up (The Angels)
  7. Easy Prey (The Angels)
  8. Man There (The Angels)
  9. When The Time Comes (The Angels)
  10. Movin’ On (The Angels)
  11. Soul Surgeon (The Angels)
  12. Invisible Man (The Angels)
  13. World Stops Turning (The Angels)
  14. Strait Jacket (Symphony of The Angels)
  15. Outcast (Symphony of The Angels)
  16. Dawn Is Breaking (Symphony of The Angels)
  17. Skidrow After Dark (Symphony of The Angels)
  18. Love Takes Care (Symphony of The Angels)
  19. Fashion and Fame (Symphony of The Angels)


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