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Proving that Australian rock bands really are the hardest working bands on the international music scene, legends The Angels are hitting the road in 2014 to showcase a new album and share all their hits with audiences, in what is proving to be a massive tour. The album, Talk The Talk, featuring all new material – their second studio release with Dave Gleeson at the helm – is due for release on Friday 17th January 2014, two years after their top charting album Take It To The Streets.

Take It To The Streets was the band’s first release in 15-years and earned wide acclaim, and a whole new generation of fans. It wasn’t long after this release was out on the shelves that the band started talking about their new studio release and the direction they wanted it to take. While the first album was penned and recorded ‘on the fly’ so to speak, Talk The Talk has been a work in progress. Penned and refined over seven months while the band was on tour in 2013, the album started to take shape in hotel rooms, in the back of a Tarago and during sound check at venues around Australia.

Talk The Talk is the epitome of the touring band’s album. It’s a tight recording, one that is only this way because the band has spent the majority of the last year on the road together. When the band wasn’t together in the same room, they still kept up a steady stream of writing. Riffs were laid down and lyric sheets were emailed between them, refining the songs until the result was a kick-ass rhythm section and heady guitar riffs – something The Angels are renowned for. Now the band are taking the new songs on the road and heading around Australia on the official Talk The Talk album tour and they can’t wait to share the new material with audiences.

“Talk The Talk is a great album,” says lead singer Dave Gleeson. “I feel like I can say that because in some ways, I still get to have an outsider’s perspective… but from the inside. To be involved with the process of writing and recording the album with John and Rick is just such a great experience in itself – then to be able to bring something to that process was even more awesome. On top of that to see the Brewster Brothers produce and arrange the final product has been nothing short of watching magic happen. I can’t wait to be delivering the next stage of The Angels’ brand of rock and showing off a great new selection of rock songs. Bring on 2014!”

When it came to recording Talk The Talk, the only option was really the Albert studio in Sydney. The studios have been the nerve centre and home for the band for so long, that it wasn’t logical to record any place else. The band didn’t set themselves any deadlines or timeframes, instead working tirelessly to ensure that the finished product was exactly what they wanted. The theory was ‘let’s very deliberately make the best possible Angels album and be free of any constraint’. It is evident this was the exact right thing to do, for the finished product is jam-packed with hit songs and is one of the best Aussie rock albums to be released.

Drummer Nick Norton says the band is extremely proud of the finished result. “The guitar sounds, the drum sounds you’ll hear on this record are the essence of what a rock band searches for,” he says. “The playing is slick, tight and musically inspired. This band has been doing it for 40 years and is every bit as ferocious and vital, both in the studio and live, as the newer generation. Every single rock band in the world today could notably tip their hats to the Brewster Brothers twin guitar sound. Along with AC DC’s Young brothers, they really define rock guitar here and abroad. That tone, that groove, that rhythmic engine, they’re the blueprint. In The Angels 40th Anniversary year, this album is a loud and proud testament to a band that has defined and redefined a genius formula of timeless rock music.”

The first single from the album, the title track Talk The Talk is due to hit radio airwaves and iTunes on Friday 15th November 2013. The track is the perfect introduction. Rick Brewster says when it came to picking the first single, Talk The Talk actually chose them. “It was the first song finished,” he says. “It cranks, cuts right to the bone and it defined the path for the songs that followed.”

The Angels are Dave Gleeson [vocals], Rick Brewster [lead guitar], John Brewster [rhythm guitar], Sam Brewster [bass] and Nick Norton [drums]. |

The single Talk The Talk is available from iTunes on Friday 15th November 2013. The TALK THE TALK album is due for release on Friday 17th January 2014 through Liberation.

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