(single out through Different Recordings)

“Claptone takes the enigma game to the next level” Thump
 “A piece of electronic invention” Clash
“Hypnotic” Noisey
 “Brooding melodies and sharp beats… something that will keep you moving as the end of the night approaches” Earmilk
“Everything he touches has a real distinct quality to it”
Annie Mac

Claptone is about to make a triumphant return with a brand new track ‘The Drums (Din Daa Daa) feat. George Kranz’.

In the last few years Claptone has become known for releasing big tracks primed for late nights and packed clubs all over the world. In 2015, the release of Charmer, his debut landmark album, fused his signature house sound with a more eclectic aesthetic, featuring guest appearances from Nathan Nicholson (The Boxer Rebellion), Jimi Tenor, Young Galaxy, Jay-Jay Johanson and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, amongst others. Indeed, Charmer introduced a new era of dance music, and was heavily supported worldwide by the likes of Radio 1, triple j, Beats 1 & more.

Claptone tours as a DJ – playing up to 25 shows a month worldwide including gracing the stages of the biggest music festivals in the world.

If you don’t know Claptone yet, then you are not alone. Even though many people have heard of him, no one truly knows who or what he is. The only certainty however, is the captivating music he makes.

In a now long forgotten world, many generations ago, a bird like shape emerged from wooded darkness, floating and fluttering, drifting and dreaming. Backlit by a bright glow of iridescent light, the undecipherable form wore a dazzling golden mask. Its long beak swooped down like an inverted horn and since then, people have referred to the mythical being simply as Claptone.

Years spending wandering medieval landscapes have informed Claptone’s view of the world, experiencing both magical mystery and muted melancholy he enchanted onlookers with occult instruments and beguiling sounds. Forever surrounded by a sense of intrigue, the world soon cottoned on to the elusive yet enchanting musical powers of this otherworldly beast. The results are that today his shamanistic sonic powers take him all around the world.

‘The Drums (Din Daa Daa) feat. George Franz’ is out now through Different Recordings | Facebook: claptone.official | Twitter @claptone_