(single taken from album Jenks, out 2 June 2017 through Different Recordings)

“Instantly zestful…wildly danceable” The Guardian
“All the elegance you’d expect from a new wave band from the world’s most stylish city…tres chic” NME
“My favourite new French band” Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 MUSIC

Parisian duo DBFC are pleased to today share their new single and the title track from their debut album Jenks, which is due for release on 2 June 2017 via Different Recordings.

Listen to ‘Jenks’ here

Manchester-born David Shaw and French artist Dombrance met in 2012, drawn together by a Parisian underworld that flitted between techno and psychedelia, club culture and rock mythology. Refusing to place down boundaries, they simply went into the studio, turned on their equipment and jammed; debut album Jenks followed naturally. Striking out at the cynicism of the everyday, the pair seem able to cut straight to the heart of the matter. “What we sing about is the universal theme, which is love,” David explains. “As corny as it sounds, that’s in fact what we’re talking about: tolerance and love.”

Reminiscent of Primal Scream’s halcyon era, or New Order’s ground-breaking run of 12 inch singles, DBFC thrive on the intersection between electronic and organic, on the communication between technology and common humanity. “The club is very important to us,” says Dombrance. “For us, club music is more than about having a party, it’s about having a way of life. It’s a way of finding a bond between people. It’s so tough today. The world is quite scary. And music, and that feeling of being in a club, changed my life.”

At times, the heavenly elements of psychedelia in Jenks reach toward absolute bliss; at others, the Krautrock-tinged paranoia plummets into the depths. Always, DBFC try to nail those fleeting moments of beauty, to transform the temporary into something strikingly permanent. “It’s not being nostalgic,” David states. “It’s about taking that feeling of what we experienced, and being able to reproduce it, to reinterpret it, into the song.

IS OUT 2 JUNE 2017

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