In May of 2017 our collective lives were gifted with Love Deluxe’s peppery debut ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’, which earned the enigmatic Sydney musician enormous praise both locally and across the seas. It is with much elation that we now present the title track from his debut EP of the same name ‘Silk Mirage’.

‘Silk Mirage’ was where it all began for Love Deluxe. After writing several different demos for the project, this silky number shone bright as a young leader, and became a compass to set the direction for the rest of the EP. Inspired by Todd Terje, as well as Japanese master Haruomi Hosono, the chord progression loops for the duration of the track, drawing you in with its nymph like tendrils to a world of sparkly wonder. As the mythical man himself puts it “I enjoy the triplet arpeggiated chord progression which gives the track an interesting syncopated feel over the stomping back beat.

To add his signature mix of herbs and spices to the titles of his (currently) all instrumental tracks, Love Deluxe draws upon cultural references. The title ‘Silk Mirage’ is an interesting combination of words, referencing aesthetic inspirations for the track such as the lush, ambient pads of Yoshio Suzuki’s “The Mirage” and the smooth, disco grooves in some of the numbers from Boz Scaggs’ Silk Degrees .

He explains “For me, this track is probably my best example of demonstrating an “old” sound with a “modern” approach. The beginning of the track highlights this with the sudden burst from quiet lo-fi and distorted sounds into a wall of loud, glossy and bubbling synths and drums.”

Songs like these should come with a warning. Things are about to get deliciously weird.