(taken from the album Green Twins, out 19 May 2017 through ATO Records)

“Achingly beautiful soul music that almost always reaches you somewhere deep in your bones.” FADER
“Hakim’s music had the feel of fresh revelation, of a storm brewing in the soul.” Stereogum
“It’s been a long time coming, but today Nick Hakim has officially announced his return…. a heart-melting and hypnotic romance record.” OKAYPLAYER

Nick Hakim will release his debut full-length album Green Twins via ATO Records on Friday 19 May, and the release will be preceded by a North American & European tour.

The New York-based musician just released the follow-up to first single ‘Bet She Looks Like You’ in the form of ‘Roller Skates’ accompanied by a psychedelic new animated video directed by Micah Buzan, which was premiered via Pitchfork.

Watch the video for ‘Roller Skates’ here

“This song’s first verse is about a night when I got really stoned at my friend’s house and forgot to meet up with my partner. It was pouring rain outside and when I realised I was late, I biked through Bedstuy as fast as I could through the rain to find her but she was gone… the second verse is about patching it up, not leaving her house for a couple days. It’s a love song.”

For the video, Buzan notes, “I wanted to tell a simple story about lonely characters who all desire something they can’t seem to get – be it love, a stuffed animal, or the ability to skate well. I also tried to make it kind of funny how their expectations don’t live up to reality. In the end, rollerskating unites all the characters as they join together in the roller rink. We might feel alone, but we’re all in this life experiment together.”

The highly-anticipated debut album Green Twins follows Hakim’s breakthrough Where Will We Go, Pt. I & II EPs. Indeed, Green Twins is an experimental step forward with emotional heft gleaned from his experiences in the years since. The artist also notes, “I felt the need to push my creativity in a different way than I had on the EPs. We wanted to imagine what it would have sounded like if RZA had produced a Portishead album. We experimented with engineering techniques from Phil Spector and Al Green’s Back Up Train, drum programming from RZA and Outkast, and were listening to a lot of The Impressions, John Lennon, Wu-Tang, Madlib, and Screaming Jay Hawkins.”


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