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There will come a time when some of the foundations you’ve built for yourself break away. A relationship ends or you lose your job or you fail at something you never thought would fail. And then you’re left with this unfamiliar feeling about who you are and your place in the world. Sometimes you’re up in these times – sometimes you’re down. Either way, you’re alive.

Over the course of their debut EP, Alive, Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard aka nyck (pronounced n.y.c.k) write about this, composed in chronological order over the space of 12 weeks, during one of these times in Acquroff’s life.

On their first two singles, we’ve heard the story of how a relationship ends. Speak My Mind the breaking point, Decision the ultimate end.

nyck’s third release, This Might Be My Year, marks the resolution. “After long enough, when the things you had as your foundations change or you feel a little lost, you get this sense of resolve,” says Acquroff from his home in Melbourne, on writing This Might Be My Year. “For me it was after this important conversation I had with someone really close. It cooled my anxiety because I knew we’d both be ok. I had a massive night afterwards and woke up fine, dressed in clothes from the night before, at the beginning of a Melbourne summer, and things were looking up. So This Might Be My Year became the EP’s resolution. Not a resolution in the sense that we were going to be famous or get rich or be forever happy. Just that we were going to be ok.”

After releasing their first two songs, Decision and Speak My Mind, nyck gained much critical acclaim from media outlets both at home and overseas, along with national radio play on Triple J. Nick and Dom then toured nationally with Amy Shark, supported Dope Lemon, Emma Louise, and Felix Reibl (Cat Empire) at major metropolitan rooms around Australia, and signed to Mushroom’s newest imprint, 100’s + 1000’s in the process.

Produced together with Hayden Calnin, This Might Be My Year is joyous and melancholic at the same time; a heartwarming and positive end to an emotional collection of songs.

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