Sunflower Bean Crisis Fest Cover Art

Sunflower Bean are set to return with a new album Twentytwo In Blue – an album made for today. From Twentytwo In Blue comes the urgent and determined single ‘Crisis Fest’.

‘Crisis Fest’ is a call to millennial arms, melding pop shimmer and drive with the personal and political. There are references to missile tests, “80 grand” in school debt, and a “coup” in the country, and an urgent, determined rave-up hook that puts the establishment on notice.

Speaking of ‘Crisis Fest’, guitarist and vocalist Kick Kivlen says that, “It’s less a song about Donald Trump than it is about more of a generational divide, and the ideals of tomorrow and progressive-leaning groups versus people who want things to stay the same or go backwards. It speaks to how our generation are demonized or seen as lazy, when actually we’re the most educated. People call us ‘snowflakes’ because we have sensitive ideals. But being sensitive is a good thing, because we’re attuned to people who’ve been trodden on throughout history.”

All three members of Sunflower Bean will in fact be 22 when Twentytwo In Blue is released this March, two years after their hazy and charming debut, Human Ceremony. They were two momentous years in which the trio toured the world several times over and grew in accomplishment, discovering a newly confident voice that they bring to the second album.

TWENTYTWO IN BLUE IS OUT 23 MARCH 2018 | | Twitter @Sunflower_Bean