Yoke Lore - Cut And Run

(out now through Liberator Music)

New York indie pop act Yoke Lore presents the gorgeously minimalistic track ‘Cut And Run’. Premiered on Noisey, the song conveys the instinct to flee versus the instinct to find a home.

Yoke Lore is the solo music endeavour of multi-instrumentalist, dancer and visual artist Adrian Galvin, who combines echoing waves of banjo, vocals and percussion to create unforgettable pop songs with tactile sincerity and conviction.

Speaking about ‘Cut And Run’, Galvin says, “This song is about how it is sometimes ok, and maybe even beneficial, to do the opposite of what’s good or healthy for you. I move at different speeds attempting to find the perfect balance of movement and sound — the perfect centre between effort and grace. It’s not a moment in my life, but more so, all the moments. I’m always fighting this question a little bit: how hard to try, how much effort to give; conversely, how calm to be, how to use tranquillity as a soft weapon like water crashing against rock until it wears away. Does hardness make strength or does it just leave us rigid? But, in the end, it’s ok to be too hard sometimes, and it’s ok to be too soft sometimes. Life is a pendulum that we all gotta learn to swing with.”

Galvin first hit the ground running in 2016 with Yoke Lore’s debut EP, Far Shore, released on B3Sci Records. In 2017, the title track of his 2017 EP Goodpain hit #1 on Hype Machine, and quickly after his songs caught fire on Spotify, racking up over 10 million plays throughout the year. ‘Goodpain’ also garnered attention from major tastemakers such as NYLON, Consequence of Sound and Billboard. Yoke Lore toured extensively through 2017, playing festivals such as The Great Escape, Field Trip in Toronto and Billboard Hot 100 in New York.

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