(single taken from Ti Amo album, out now through
Liberator Music/Glassnote Records)

The band’s most unabashedly romantic record yet.The New York Times

‘J-Boy’ begins as a sputtering electro dirge that sounds like it’s running out of batteries. But that’s merely the dingy, back-alley entrance to a dazzling, neon-lit discotheque whose doors swing open and whisk you in at the 10-second mark. The radiant synth sheen of the band’s recent records remains, but here it’s slathered onto a steady bass bounce… – Pitchfork, Best New Track

Listen to Ti Amo at the right time, in the right mood, and it might start to sound like a symbol of a better world, or at least a welcome respite from the worst parts of this one. – MTV

…Ti Amo is tightly composed, but so steeped in breezy, hazy romanticism that you might forget that you’re listening to a thing that started as nothing, that was laboured over for years… And if Phoenix can make you forget how hard they’re working, maybe they can make you forget how hard you’re working too—the highest achievement of pop music. A safe haven, so to speak. –  GQ

 Phoenix are thrilled to introduce the third single ‘Tuttifrutti’ taken from their current album, Ti Amo, out via Liberator Music/Loyaute/Glassnote Records. Following on from the sun-kissed Italian-flavoured title track, ‘Tuttifrutti’ brings the disco feel to the joyous collection.
Listen to ‘Tuttifrutti’ here

Ti Amo is Phoenix’s first album since 2013’s critically lauded Bankrupt!. Produced by the band and recorded at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) with the help of long-time collaborator Pierrick Devin, Ti Amo is  – in the band’s own words – “an album about simple pure emotions: love, desire, lust and innocence, it’s also a record about our European, Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy: a lost paradise made of eternal Roman summers (hyper-light, hyper-clarity, pistachio gelato), juke-boxes on the beach, Monica Vitti and Marcello Mastroiani, fearless desire and Antique marble statues.” |
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