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SINGLE BIO: MayaVanya - Caffeine feat. Maribelle [Illusive]

SINGLE BIO: MayaVanya – Caffeine feat. Maribelle [Illusive]

DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE | DOWNLOAD IMAGES CAFFEINE (FEAT. MARIBELLE) MayaVanya return to the scene with their very own brand of bliss-out utopian electronica with their new single – “Caffeine” and the NZ-bred, Melbourne-Based production duo have never sounded so good. Crafted during one moody European winter while longing for the hot summer nights of memories gone,...
SINGLE BIO: Mayavanya - Rockets [Illusive]

SINGLE BIO: Mayavanya – Rockets [Illusive]

DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE | DOWNLOAD IMAGES (single out now through Illusive) MayaVanya are thrilled to announce the release of ‘Rockets’, their first single through the Mushroom Group. The track features the vocal styling of New Zealand artist Tali, and serves as the perfect introduction to MayaVanya. With a distinctively moody aesthetic, ‘Rockets’ is both restrained and seductive....