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In 2018 Alex Williamson has played six comedy festivals across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, eleven shows in England and Ireland, twenty-six shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and a massive 34 dates in every state and territory in the country. But he won’t stop there! Before the 2019 comedy festival season kicks in, Australia’s most popular comedian and social media creator is adding two final shows to his Aussie tour. Alex is descending on the Horsham Theatre on Friday 8 February before heading to the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre in Mt Gambier on Saturday 9 February.

‘Crude, yet hilarious. Unfiltered, politically incorrect and downright naughty!’ – ★★★★½ This Is Radelaide

‘Modern comedy at its finest.’ – ★★★★ All About Entertainment

‘On stage, the Aussie comic, who has well and truly earned his rave reputation, is the definition of polished: confident in his material, and an effortless rapport with his adoring audience, energetically bouncing from gag to gag.’ – ★★★★ The Speakeasy (NZ)

‘Williamson enters a whole new realm of comedy – if you’re not afraid of going to hell, go see Alex. If you laugh, it’s nothing a few Hail Mary’s can’t fix.’ Lot’s Wife

Did someone say drugs, pedos and terrorists? Probably not, alas these are just some of the topical/fun themes touched upon in this one hour honesty session. If you’re not an 85 year old church-goer, there’ll be something in this show for you. But by all means come along if you are an 85 year old church goer, just flick your hearing aid off and laugh along in a haze of dementia.

Best known to his fans for his ‘Loosest Aussie Bloke’ and ‘Bogan Aussie’ characters, Alex writes a hilarious new live solo show every year. So Wrong, It’s Wrong, his latest batch of parodies, songs and stand-up comedy, is his most popular show to date. The brilliantly twisted mind of Alex will shake your faith in humanity at times, before restoring it ever so slightly, then smashing it once again beyond repair. But hey, at least it’s entertaining.

There’s a reason Alex sells out shows everywhere he goes and has a whopping three million online followers – his live show is not to be missed. Tickets to both shows are on sale now.

Presented by Frontier Comedy


Fri 8 Feb | 8pm
Horsham Theatre | Horsham, VIC
All Ages

Sat 9 Feb| 7.30pm
Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre | Mt Gambier, SA
All Ages

This event is recommended for patrons aged 16+ |
Twitter @AlexWilliamson8 | Instagram @shooterwilliamson