Emerson Snowe Could You Love Me?

Liberation Records are over the moon to welcome Emerson Snowe to the family. He joins an accomplished and growing roster at the label including D.D Dumbo, Gordi, Julia Jacklin, Slum Sociable, Vance Joy and more.

Emerson Snowe is the creation of Brisbane based artist/creator/musician Jarrod Mahon, who started making tracks under the moniker several years back.

“Emerson Snowe is a project that I have had for years, since I was in school. It has always been some form of an outlet of representing my ‘true’ self in a way. It started as a kind of heightened version of my self-awareness but overtime I’m finding it to become basically who I am as a person. This has given me the confidence I’ve always wanted to give my art and music.

“Everything about this is about my want to do things instantaneously as they come up in my head. The music is all written in under 20 minutes, that way everything is a running thought and I fully trust my first instincts when it comes to instrumentation or the simple use of my words rather than a constant layering. As I’m writing this I am 20 months without alcohol. The hangar it had on my life was unbelievable and for once I was actually able to believe in what I wanted to create physically and mentally. ‘Could You Love Me?’ is a fitting debut, the irony in it is that it has the feeling of how I felt before I had the self confidence in being comfortable with myself.

“I am still trying to find the right balance between being too self-deprecating on stage and being truly comfortable alone. But I’ve still got time to work on that.”

Though he has been creating music for many years (fans might also recognise him as one of the founding members of The Creases), ‘Could You Love Me?’ marks Emerson Snowe’s first release via a record label. The song, an ode to his girlfriend Tina, arrives complete with a self-directed video.

Watch the video for ‘Could You Love Me?’ here

Emerson Snowe’s charming yet unconventional approach to music has already attracted the attention of many of his idols, including Ariel Pink, Courtney Barnett and King Krule – all of whom he has supported. Tonight, he opens for GUM in Melbourne.

His debut EP is due for release later this year.