Lilac Everything; A Project by Emma Louise - Album Art

“I’d never heard of any artist in the history of recording drop their entire record (in pitch) that much…”
– Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Shawn Everett

Unlike anything you’re likely to have heard before. That’s Lilac Everything; A Project by Emma Louise. Due for release on September 14 this year, the Brisbane songstress’ third album is a bold, artistic statement. Today, along with announcing the album’s release, Liberation Records are proud to share the record’s first cut, ‘Wish You Well’, complete with video.

Comprised of 10 thoroughly unique new songs, Lilac Everything was written by Emma during a brief sojourn in Mexico, and recorded at Bear Creek Studio in Seattle with Tobias Jesso Jnr. Notably, the album marks Jesso Jnr’s first time working as a producer.

“I never wanted to be a producer till I heard Emma’s demos. She has perfect instincts when it comes to songwriting; she means what she writes, and that truth comes across in her lyrics. Her songs make me feel as though I’m working through the same emotions as I listen, which is exactly what good songs do.”
– Tobias Jesso Jnr

Burning with raw honesty and inventive insight into Emma’s life since the critically acclaimed Supercry (2016), it also hinges on the most profound musical choice she has ever made. The result is thoroughly and uniquely Emma Louise, though not like you’ve heard before.

The idea came to pass during the final moments of recording, when Emma asked Jesso Jnr to dramatically pitch all of her vocals down. With over 100 million streams to her name, two acclaimed ARIA Top 20 album releases, and a monster-hit in ‘Jungle’ (which also soundtracks Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Black Opium’ perfume ads), it was an unusual, not to mention brave choice. Yet the freedom Emma felt was immediate.

“It was honestly the most relieving decision I’ve ever made, musically,” she says. “It just felt so right. I didn’t even have to think about it. It made the album swell. It expanded. I think, creatively, I was able to do whatever I wanted.” – Emma Louise

It was Jesso Jnr and Grammy-award winning sound-engineer Shawn Everett who encouraged Emma to turn her long-held idea into a reality on Lilac Everything.

“One thing that’s different about Emma is how badass she is. It’s such a strong statement and she’s so willing to go where nobody has gone before, especially considering she has such a pretty voice to begin with. Normally someone with a voice like that would do anything possible to protect that part of their identity, and she does the opposite and screws with it for her entire piece of art.” – Shawn Everett

Emma is currently working on recreating the project in a live setting and will debut her new show at Zebulon in LA next month. More music from Lilac Everything will be revealed soon.