I Know Leopard - Love Is A Landmine - Release Day - Credit Lisa Businovski - Low Res

Ivy League Records are incredibly proud to release I Know Leopard’s shimmering debut album Love Is A Landmine out into the world today! Revelling in glam & dreamy synth pop with playful, upbeat, ‘70s soft rock influences, Love Is A Landmine is an unashamedly romantic record that pulls you deep into the rich gamut of emotions that love will inevitably drag you through. I Know Leopard will celebrate the release by treating fans to a special in-store performance at Red Eye Records in Sydney at 5pm today, before taking the album on the road nationally this May and June.

With help from producer Jack Moffit (The Preatures) and Luke Million on mixing duties, I Know Leopard explode their emotions onto a musical kaleidoscope, something already evident on the insanely catchy singles released so far:Landmine, Heatherand Seventy Lies.

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an album full of love songs,” says lead vocalist and chief songwriter Luke O’Loughlin, “but not always in the classic romantic sense. It reflects on experiences where attempts at love are met with confusion, pain and alienation. The record also explores the importance of learning to love yourself before you can successfully love someone else.”

To give fans a further glimpse into the writing and recording process, the band unveil a special behind-the-scenes preview into the Love Is A Landmine world.

O’Loughlin, along with, Rosie Fitzgerald (bass), Jenny McCullagh (violin and keys) and Todd Andrews (guitar), have created the perfect musical complement to the open and impassioned lyrics. So complete is the record in both sound and style, you’d be forgiven for thinking the band had fallen to earth fully formed. In fact, it’s a sound the band has crafted over two EPs, Illumina and Another Life, and two stand-alone singles, ‘Let Go’ and ‘Rather Be Lonely’.

As a finished product, Love Is A Landmine is the musical equivalent of a space blanket: gleaming, shimmering, retro-futuristic and synthetic, but will envelope you and warm you to your very core. Across its 11 tracks, it covers a lot of musical ground, without ever losing a sense of itself. ‘Everything Goes With You’ is a tender piano ballad that would be right at home on John Lennon’s Mind Games, whilst ‘1991’ is a strutting story of nostalgia for simpler times, before adulthood and “your brain being bogged down with the emotions and insecurities of living in the modern world.”

The videos released so far are, like their music, bright and playful but also perfectly measured. ‘Landmine’ is full of neon reds on a dry ice draped black set, with the band in silver face paint, while in ‘Heather’ they float in white space, with just glittered yellow details. Both recall a soft focus midnight TV performance circa ‘78 that you may have dreamed of instead of actually witnessing.

In an indie rock landscape dominated by 90s grunge throwbacks, hardcore punk and garage bands, I Know Leopard are something of an anomaly. Gloriously out of step by bringing a sense of luxury and glamour with them.

“Without sounding too much like a dad,” laughs O’Loughlin. “We just want to show that the classic song is not dead and can still exist in the modern climate. Ultimately we just wanted to give all the music we love a place to live in the modern world.”

Don’t miss your chance to see the record come to life at a headline show this May!

MAY & JUNE 2019
More info and tickets via

Friday 17 May | Jive | Adelaide, SA
Saturday 18 May | Mojo’s | Fremantle, WA
Sunday 19 May | Clancy’s | Dunsborough, WA
Thursday 23 May | Workers Club | Geelong, VIC
Friday 24 May | Northcote Social Club | Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 25 May | The Foundry | Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 26 May | Soundlounge | Gold Coast, QLD
Thursday 30 May | Cambridge Hotel Side Bar | Newcastle, NSW
Friday 31 May | Oxford Art Factory | Sydney, NSW
Saturday 1 June | UOW Uni Bar (Stratton Room) | Wollongong, NSW
Sunday 2 June | Transit Bar | Canberra, ACT

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